Declaration On Climate Change Symposium On Youth And Children And Call To Action

In Mogadishu, Somalia, from October 23rd to 24th, 2023, a symposium on climate change, youth, and children brought together youth, children, climate activists, and environmental organizations, with the joint efforts of the Institute of Climate and Environment of SIMAD University and Save Children Somalia. This gathering, attended by government officials, private sector representatives, civil society organizations, women, and academia, aimed to empower the younger generation and address the pressing issue of climate change. The declaration acknowledges the critical importance of youth and children as drivers of change and custodians of our shared future, emphasizing their pivotal role in addressing the climate crisis. It commends the commitment of stakeholders in Somalia to address the urgent issues of climate change and its severe impact on livelihoods and well-being, particularly in the face of anticipated El Niño events. The vulnerability of children and youth to the consequences of climate change is recognized, and the declaration reaffirms the principles outlined in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Paris Agreement, specifically highlighting equity, common but differentiated responsibilities, and respective capabilities. The achievements of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of the Federal Government of Somalia in tackling the climate crisis through institutional building, systems strengthening, policy enactment, and stakeholder engagement are also acknowledged. The declaration underscores the importance of Somalia’s participation in COP28 and the need to represent the voices of Somali children and youth to achieve climate adaptation, resilience building, and a sustainable future for current and future generations. It concludes with a call to action, urging the Federal Government of Somalia to prioritize climate change mitigation and adaptation with a focus on youth and children, and for civil society organizations to enhance cooperation and coordination in climate-related actions. Private institutions and the Somali community are urged to adopt sustainability and eco-friendly practices and actively engage youth and children in climate action. The declaration emphasizes the significance of youth and children in climate action and the need to provide them with education and support, while also encouraging academia and research organizations to collaborate with them and amplify their voices in climate policies. In the face of the climate crisis, the declaration commits to urgent and collective action, resource mobilization, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing, advocacy for green policies, and empowering youth and children as the leaders of today and tomorrow, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding the well-being of both people and the planet. This declaration represents the collective dedication of Somali youth and children at the Climate Change Symposium for Youth and Children in Mogadishu on October 24th, 2023, to combat climate change and secure a sustainable future.