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Saving endangered species is crucial

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To support building a climate-resilient, greener, and sustainable Somalia.

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Towards a resilient, greener, and sustainable Somalia and beyond!

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In Search of Sustainable Solutions

Building local capacities

Providing evidence-based research & policy

Incubating green solutions

Facilitating dialogue and partnership

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In search of an innovative and sustainable solutions to protect the environment, promote biodiversity and contribute to sustainable development, we apply the threefold approach to achieve our impact pathways.

Define & Discover

We ask big and bold questions to uncover the building blocks of an issue. We conduct rigorous and original research to understand the variables to better design innovative solutions for people and the planet.

Design & Co-Create

By working with the local communities, governments, and private sector, we co-create knowledge and link-local solutions to global challenges by using evidence, and action research. 

Deploy & Disseminate

We anticipate and adapt changes in partnership with other stakeholders to bring lasting change at the intersection of social, economic, and environmental justice and sustainable development. We prototype and iterate solutions for lasting impact on people's lives and nature ecosystems.

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ICE Promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge through stakeholder engagements with academics, policymakers and practitioners to challenge and inform the policy process and practice.

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Join our community of environmental experts, policymakers, and practitioners to exchange ideas, collaborate, and explore solutions to today's most pressing environmental challenges.

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