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Learn more about our ICE Institute, mission, values, and team, and discover how we are working to advance sustainable solutions towards resilient, sustainable and greener Somalia.

about us

Who We Are

Institute of Climate and Environment -ICE institute is a leading policy and action research organization founded by SIMAD University to tackle climate, environment, and development challenges in Somalia and Beyond. The Institute pursues its mission by linking research, analysis, policy advocacy, capacity development, and climate innovation to build a sustainable and greener Somalia. ICE Institute works with governments, the private sector, communities, and civil societies to build local capacities and safeguard the environment and contribute towards climate resilience. Our work spans climate, environment, energy, water, ocean, food, governance, and equity. Our publications and findings are accessible to all stakeholders to empower people, inform decision-makers and apply knowledge.

ICE conducts research on a wide range of environmental and developmental areas. Our diverse experts produce original research, assess solutions and analyse evidence to address the most pressing challenges to drive and deliver lasting solutions towards sustainable development in Somalia. To advance impactful solutions, we recognize the relationship between the environment and sustainable development and ensure that it is integrated across our engagements and research. In this regard, we publish compelling data-driven insights, informed commenters, and scientific publications. Our work is subject to peer review and held to the highest academic standards of excellence, credibility, and trustworthiness.

ICE Promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge through stakeholder engagements with academics, policymakers and practitioners to challenge and inform the policy process and practice.


Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To support building a climate-resilient, greener, and sustainable Somalia.

Our Mission

Towards a resilient, greener, and sustainable Somalia and beyond!

what we do

Our Values

Our values define who we are as an institution, what we do and how we do it. They are our guiding principles and shared ideals that bind us together and shape our shared future.


We live up to the highest standard of professionalism, honesty, and openness in everything we do and how we collaborate with our stakeholders to maximize our impact.


we strive to be creative, entrepreneurial, and novel thinkers. We nurture unconventional ideas to be bolder and louder.


we value and respect the diversity and contribution of every stakeholder. We recognize and value the divergent points of view and help our stakeholders to reach their full potential.


We aspire and act for transformation by reinvigorating novel ideas to achieve substantial and lasting impact.

our expertise

Meet Our Team

ICE brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts and researchers to deliver high-quality research, analysis, capacity development, and stakeholder engagement to advance sustainability.

Abdishakur Ahmed

Fellow, Energy Specialist

Mohamed Okash


Dr Ulrike Dinglreiter

Fellow, Climate Change

Liban Hassan

Geospatial Engineer

Abdikafi Hassan

Head of Research



As we put a motion on our mission to adverse environmental risks and achieve climate resilience and sustainable development, we intend to amplify the local voices to influential global forums and co-create knowledge-based solutions.

Additionally, we safeguard and promote biodiversity alongside sustainable development. In the next two (2) years (2023-2025), ICE Institute will be guided by the following three objectives which shall have consequential positive impacts in building a sustainable ecosystem in Somalia. Our objectives were informed by the local lessons, global conventions, and declarations, including the Brundtland Report of 1987, the 2030 Agenda of 2015, the Paris Agreement of 2015, and COP27.

Equip ICE for impact

We will build a robust, modern, and progressive organization with a clear set of objectives, goals, and theory of change to respond to and tackle the world’s most pressing complex challenges towards social justice and sustainable development.

Build a Network of Partners

We will engage and expand the wide range of like-minded partners to strengthen our capacity, co-create knowledge, support the local people, and enhance the decision-making process.

Catalyze for Change

We will be at the forefront of understanding and investigating the complex environmental and ecological crisis to advance innovative and sustainable solutions. We will chart new territory by providing evidence and ideas, and convening dialogue to engage practitioners and policymakers.

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