Call for Application: Sustainability Scholars Program (SSP)

The Institute of Climate and Environment (ICE) at SIMAD University is delighted to introduce the Sustainability Scholars Program (SSP) , a pioneering initiative to address the critical issues of climate change and environmental degradation in Somalia. The SSP program is a grant-based funding opportunity that seeks to bring together a network of talented researchers, both nationally and internationally, to exchange ideas and insights, fostering science-driven knowledge creation and its application to contribute to the development of a sustainable, climate-resilient, and green Somalia.

With the increasing urgency to address the complex challenges of climate change and ecological crises, the SSP program provides a platform for researchers to collaborate and conduct interdisciplinary research in various thematic areas. These areas include climate adaptation and resilience, mitigation and low-carbon development, natural resource management, equity and social inclusion, as well as governance and policy. Researchers are encouraged to investigate pressing issues such as climate-smart agriculture, renewable energy, Green Innovations, Adaptation practices, community-based natural resource management, the political economy of climate change in Somalia, and many more.

The SSP program offers its visiting researchers a range of benefits and opportunities including incentives and grants to selected researchers to fund their projects. The SSP program is open to all interested researchers related to climate change and environmental studies.

All interested researchers are invited to submit their applications using this link. Successful applicants will be awarded the title of “Visiting Researcher, ICE Institute” and receive grants to cover the overall costs of their research projects throughout the program cycle.

The SSP program at the Institute of Climate and Environment (ICE), SIMAD University, represents a unique opportunity for researchers to contribute to the development of evidence-based policies and programs in Somalia. By fostering research-driven knowledge creation and application, the program aims to make a significant impact on addressing climate change and the ecological crisis in the country.

For more information about the Sustainability Scholars Program (SSP) and application guidelines, Download this brochure!