Climate Conversations: Empowering Local Communities for Climate Action in Mogadishu

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative aimed at empowering our local communities to take meaningful action in the face of climate change. The ICE Institute, in collaboration with the Global Shapers community Mogadishu Hub, is launching a series of engaging workshops, town hall meetings, and community-led dialogues under the banner of “Climate Conversations.

Our primary goal is to promote sustainable behaviours, foster the development of a more climate-resilient city, and influence the policy-making process towards green transition. By educating our community about climate change science, its far-reaching impacts, and potential solutions, we aim to create a platform for collective action and inspire individuals to make positive changes in their daily lives.

Through these events, we will target community-relevant stakeholders youth groups, educators, and leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to champion climate action within their respective spheres of influence. We aim to ensure that the project’s impact is scalable, making it possible for the momentum of climate action to spread throughout the city.

Our Climate Conversations will foster inclusive and participatory discussions, enabling diverse voices to be heard and represented. The workshops will cover a wide range of topics related to climate change, including its causes, consequences, and potential mitigation and adaptation strategies. Experts in the field will facilitate interactive sessions, encouraging dialogue, and offering practical guidance on implementing sustainable practices in everyday life.

Furthermore, town hall meetings will provide a platform for community members to engage directly with local policymakers, decision-makers, and experts, forging a collective understanding of the challenges at hand and brainstorming innovative solutions. Through these collaborative efforts, we strive to establish a strong network of climate advocates who can influence policy and drive impactful change in Mogadishu. In addition to formal events, our community-led dialogues will take place in various neighbourhoods, encouraging open conversations about climate change among friends, family, and neighbours. By fostering grassroots engagement, we aim to create a bottom-up movement that will result in widespread awareness, action, and sustainable practices throughout our city.

We invite all concerned citizens, students, teachers, activists, and passionate individuals to join us in this vital endeavour. By working together, we can create a future where Mogadishu thrives in harmony with nature, becoming a shining example of resilience and sustainable development.

Stay tuned for updates on the dates, venues, and topics of our upcoming Climate Conversations.