Somalia, grappling with a climate change crisis, faces a critical emergency in its environmental and socio-economic landscape. As a country highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate variability, it is increasingly experiencing severe and frequent droughts and floods, exacerbating its fragile state. These climatic challenges pose a significant threat not only to the

The urgency of addressing the global catastrophe of climate change is growing as its severe effects become more obvious. The statement “Climate Change is Everyone’s Business” highlights the fact that every single person, group, and institution has a vital responsibility to play in reducing the consequences of climate change. It draws attention to the

Mangroves in Somalia play a vital role in reducing shoreline erosion, and habitats for fish and birds are critical for conserving biological diversity. Somalia has the longest coastline of mainland African countries, approximately 3500 km, with mangrove forests found in some areas along the coast, in the northern and southwestern coastal lines, including the southern